About me

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It all started with me discovering Sims 1 and developing a bit of an obsession. I actively played the game (still do) than discovered this genius video and started making Sims machinima myself. After learning to use Bodyshop I decided to make anime characters into Sims. I created own scenarios and had great fun filming them doing stupid shit. I uploaded some videos on youtube and people really liked it and begged me to put them up for download. I know it ain't easy to make them yourself, so here you go. If I could make anyone's game experience more enjoyable with my mods, I am very glad. HAPPY SIMMING!



Gaming, browsing Internet, editing videos, cosplay, DRAWING, making Sims content etc.


Favorite series / movies
Death Note, Elfen Lied, Parasyte


Favorite books
19th century novels like Picture of Dorian Gray

Favorite music

post-hardcore, hip-hop, house

Favorite food
Grilled cheese sandwiches

Favorite vacation destination

Favorite quotes

omae wa mou shindeiru