You ABSOLUTELY need to get WinRAR to unpack my files.


1. Open the rar file you downloaded from this site.

2. Double click the Sim.pack inside.

3. Click install


Now I know many of you have been complaining that it requires some EP you don't have and therefore you can't install a Sim. There is an easy painless solution to that. It's called the almighty Sim2pack clean installer from our beloved MTS site. 


What does it do? Basically let's you install those Sims that normal installer won't let you install, SO if that's your problem. GET THAT. I use it too, works flawlessly. c;

All Sims of this video you can download here

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  • #1

    Aimi Ren (Mittwoch, 17 Februar 2010 01:09)

    any reasons that it wouldn't work? none of them are here...

  • #2

    amy-hotchic (Samstag, 20 Februar 2010 13:49)

    -.- u must click some of the categories silly
    its straight under-ANIME SIMS DOWNLOADS- gash

  • #3

    Gustavo (Dienstag, 04 Mai 2010 21:15)

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Mikuru Asahina(L) do it plz!

  • #4

    kitten (Montag, 24 Mai 2010 02:42)

    um, sorry if this will annoy you, but are you able to make the files 'zip' instead of 'rar'? if you can, will you please do it, it doesn't work on alot of my friends computers or mine, if you can't that's ok, it's just you have some of the most awesome sims and the ones nobody seems to make(BB+Matt+Loveless characters)

  • #5

    Zaki Hatakke (Montag, 31 Mai 2010 23:45)

    You should do some Vocaloids too. That would be cool.
    Maybe some Higurashi and Umineko characters too? :3

  • #6

    amy-hotchic (Dienstag, 01 Juni 2010 13:23)

    @Zaki Hatakke
    I don`t do requests and I don`t like Vocaloid tht much
    Higurashi and Umineko I know, but I never watched :)

  • #7

    Deidara (Sonntag, 11 Juli 2010 22:10)

    O_o S-sai ha intentado besar a Naruto?OMG WTF???!!

  • #8

    Random Ninja (Montag, 12 Juli 2010 01:56)

    Do you have to have any expansions? I tried using them with normal sims 2 and it doesnt work.

  • #9

    Gabriel (Dienstag, 20 Juli 2010 13:50)

    someone could create clothes sasuke akatsuki

  • #10

    Julia (Donnerstag, 29 Juli 2010 06:20)

    Um, can you tell me how to make them appear on the game (Sims 2)?

  • #11

    Luna Ferus (Mittwoch, 01 September 2010 05:51)

    To those who are having trouble getting the sims to appear on your game, download winrar and extract the file to your downloads folder. :)

  • #12

    julia (Sonntag, 14 November 2010 04:01)

    hahaha ha xD

  • #13

    Person that's on here (Montag, 22 November 2010 00:40)

    Can you do a Hetalia: Axis Powers?

  • #14

    Tikki (Samstag, 25 Dezember 2010 12:54)

    Yes! Hetalia's Axis Powers!!!! Please do! <3

  • #15

    the girl who lost her sims 2 username (Dienstag, 04 Januar 2011 23:40)

    I need help when me and my friend try to download the sims it doesn't work it just stays in a folder and whenever we run it the sims don't show up in the game and it sucks because the sims you made are epic, so can you please help me?

  • #16

    Touya (Sonntag, 20 Februar 2011 19:15)

    Thank you a whooole lot for your uploads! It sure is hard to find a website with anime skins - I meant it. And yours are so well-made! It makes me wanna cry. *o*
    Again, thank you for your efforts!

  • #17

    Ameline (Montag, 21 Februar 2011 01:37)

    ok so I clicled on the file but it sais I need the expansion pack download but I already have it :<

  • #18

    Ameline (Montag, 21 Februar 2011 01:45)

    And when I download sims from the modsims website they come out wrong in the bodyshop :'( please I need help!

  • #19

    Ameline (Dienstag, 22 Februar 2011 22:55)

    Hey guys!!! GREAT NEWS!!! You don't need expansion packs for these sims :O!!! Just download an application called woohoo!!!

    Here's the application :D:

    here the thread and tutorial ^_^:,88730.0.html

    Heres also the forum where I got the download link for it!!:,56867.0.html

    I tried it out AND IT WORKS!!

  • #20

    Cara (Montag, 14 März 2011)

    I adore your sims. I would adore them more if I could use them. Could someone please tell me why these sims will not appear when I download them into the game?

  • #21

    Itachi (Sonntag, 03 April 2011 08:37)

    For sims 2 or 3
    (Für Sims 2 oder 3)

  • #22

    judes (Sonntag, 10 April 2011 15:43)

    hey i saw the video and i looked through the other links on the side and all but i didnt find the ouran cast here can u tell me were i can find it

  • #23

    Cool Reko (Montag, 18 April 2011 21:56)

    I'm Cool Reko from the Shippuden section and you must have the "Sims2pack Clean Installer" for the downloads to work in your game. Here is the link to file...
    I hope this helps!

  • #24

    Lissa (Mittwoch, 27 April 2011 04:26)

    it says that you can download all the characters on here but i dont see any host club and they had a segment in the video :(

  • #25

    Myobi (Sonntag, 03 Juli 2011 01:46)

    Hey, if you need new clothes to create some more anime characters, I have some available at my site you can use to package with your Sims. Just link back and credit : )


  • #26

    Toxic (Montag, 01 August 2011 08:46)

    I was wondering if there is something you need to get ritsuka to work. No matter how much I try I can't seem to get him to work. I hope someone can help me.

  • #27

    я (Donnerstag, 11 August 2011 09:17)

    бля я не хера не пойму

  • #28

    Jossen (Freitag, 19 August 2011 15:33)

    I have downloaded some but i dont know how to get them to the game DX I have The Sims 2. pets, nightlife, bon voyage, university, open for buisness, seasons and apartment life :) Is there anyone I need, to get them? And if i need a program then please reply me :)

  • #29

    Isabella (Samstag, 28 Januar 2012 16:19)

    I don't know how to open the sims up in the game. Help? PLEASE. I put them in .packages but i can't find them in the game.

  • #30

    Aperson (Freitag, 10 Februar 2012 11:03)

    Hey, Can you make the bleach characters? I' ve been looking for ages and I can't find them, the ones i found are awful and doesn't even look alike... so pleeaseeeeeeeeee make them (the only ones I care about are Ichigo and Rukia) your models are pretty awsum, im sure you can make them, pleasee ...

  • #31

    Diadesty (Samstag, 18 Februar 2012 18:11)

    Hey, I really love your Anime Sims! :3
    I totally agree with "Person that's on here" and "Tikki"!
    Please do Hetalia Axis Powers! It's an amazing Anime!

  • #32

    Yumiix3 (Sonntag, 06 Mai 2012 17:14)

    Hey, ich finde die Idee Anime Sims zu erstellen einfach großartig! Respekt :) aber ich hab leider ein kleines problem....ich weiß nicht so wirklich wie ich das installiere oder wo das hier steht :/ tut mir leid ich bin nicht wirklich die Intelligenteste ^-^'
    Es würde mich freuen wenn du mir helfen könntest ;)
    Lg Yumiix3 ♥

  • #33

    deidarafan#1 (Montag, 11 Juni 2012 02:30)

    oooooooo deidara is sooooo hot!

  • #34

    deidarafan#1 (Dienstag, 12 Juni 2012 09:02)


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    deidarafan#1 (Dienstag, 12 Juni 2012 09:08)


  • #36

    Vampi (Mittwoch, 13 Juni 2012 22:11)

    Hey, These are awesome! Can you make some of people from Gurren Lagann? Please?

  • #37

    ILOVELEE (Freitag, 29 Juni 2012 23:58)


  • #38

    smilechan (Donnerstag, 05 Juli 2012 04:12)

    To put sims into your game. You click on the file in your documents. go to ea games and find the sims 2 game folder. you need to create a Downloads folder to put your downloads in there and so they will show up in the game. in some cases, you might need to extract them to the folder. hope this helped!

  • #39

    hetaliax3 (Sonntag, 30 September 2012 17:27)

    Please make some Hetalia Characters!! Please!! That would be AWESOME!!!! <3<3

  • #40

    VivaLaEllie (Samstag, 29 Dezember 2012 17:18)

    How do you put the sims into your game once you have downloaded them?

  • #41

    higor (Samstag, 31 August 2013 22:15)

    please tell me how you made ​​the characters of akatsuki dance against others
    is very cool

  • #42

    Dante (Samstag, 18 Oktober 2014 15:30)

    Great site keep going

  • #43

    Amma (Sonntag, 19 Februar 2017 03:56)

    Hi,I was wondering if I could convert the Akatsuki from TS2 to TS4? I won't upload it at all. It's just for my Sims 4 series Life With The Akatsuki.

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